We help you achieve better sales results, design and implement a powerful hyper-segmented, automated content strategy through Marketing Automation.

Scale up your digital operation with Marketing Automation

Surely, you have had to deal with dozens of tasks at the same time. Tasks such as sending emails, personalization of content, manual segmentation of clients, tedious integrations, excel and much more.

Consolidate your entire digital strategy into a single tool, which will allow you to design marketing flows that work in a coordinated and automatic way to help you minimize the time spent on manual tasks and help you get your desired results.


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How does it work?

We define buyer personas and target audiences based on the research results;

We define conversion paths for each buyer persona;

We set SMART goals for each buyer persona at each stage of the conversion path;

We design content for each buyer persona at each stage of the conversion path;

We implement Inbound Marketing strategy via SALESManago platform.

What is included?

Consulting service for designing an accurate marketing automation strategy.

Design and implementation of Marketing Automation strategy.

Design and implementation of digital marketing campaigns for Google and Facebook.

SEO optimized blog posts.

Optimized landing pages.

Data consolidation in SalesManago CRM.

Free SalesManago certification for your team.

SalesManago Platform technological Set-up.

Optimization of Analytics system and automated reports.

Design of Lead Magnets, to capture contact data. Such as eBooks, Whitepapers, Infografías, Webinars, Checklists.

Automated email marketing flows.

and more…

Plans starting from 1000 USD