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We help you to start generating leads in 15 days or less with advanced online prospect generation technologies.

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At Wizerlink we have a track record of proven processes that allow us to help you find your customers in 15 days or less.

How do we do it?

1-We investigate and explore the best opportunities in digital markets.

2-We design multiple digital campaigns and a landing to capture your clients data.

3-By combining Artificial Intelligence with expertise of our digital specialists, we optimize your funnel to obtain more and better clients.


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Services Included

Communications design for your campaign.

Design of Ads.

Creation landing pages to capture customers data.

Advanced implementation of Google Analytics.

Creation of campaigns in your FB Ads account.

Creation of campaigns in your Google Ads account.

WhatsApp/Messenger chat activation for your landing page.

Creation of digital activity control panel.

Biweekly video conference with Wizerlink specialist.

Digital competitors study.

Keywords study.

Advertising budget.

and more…

Plans starting from 1,500 USD